Your Business Website Is Your Brand!

Every business owner should realize that as the front door to business prospects, your business website becomes the company’s brand face. From the moment a visitor lands on your business website, they make a snap judgment about the value you provide and how you are different from competitors. This is why it’s so important to consider how well your company’s web presence communicates your business value.

Smart business owners get this, but they often respond to this imperative by spending too much time on the design of their business website. Ok, looking good is important, but a good design is only a small part of a visitors online experience.

Equally or sometimes even more important are:

  • How content is organized for each group of the business target audience.
  • The type of content you provide.
  • How well it delivers on the business brand promise.
  • How it drives them to a deeper level of engagement with your brand.

For small businesses — with often limited resources — the business website is crucial, because it has to do the bulk of the work. In most cases it is the primary tool to make sales, do marketing and it often also a large part of the online business work flow management.

Everything that you say and do makes up your brand promise. This is why your business website must reflect your brand through and through.

What Does This Mean?

Your business website is an extension of your business strategy and not just a marketing item or tool. This is why you should have and make a web strategy for your business website.

A web strategy helps you to tie your brand and business goals for that year and it helps you in your website development process. It helps and gives you all the tools to build, adapt and manage your business online brand experience. So what sort of things you describe in a web strategy plan? Some example:

  • Describes what the competitive landscape looks like.
  • What user need and want from your website.
  • Should tell you who the users are.
  • It maps out exactly what type of experience your site should deliver.
  • What to measure (online and offline analytics) based on your goals and objectives.
  • How you should deliver value to your customers.
  • Outlines search engine and social media strategy.

So stop changing your business website look for one moment and think about the front door to your company’s brand experience. Remember looking good is important, but a good design is only a small part of a visitors online experience.

Make your goal for today to write down your business web strategy!

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