Yahoo Europe Stops with AdSense Clone Content Match!

Yahoo Europe is pulling the plug on advertising service Content Match. The company is not able to compete with Google AdSense. We have some more info below and we will also look at some advertising alternatives.

Content Match is a way for companies and private individuals to add advertising to their websites. Yahoo will pay the website owner a share of the proceeds. Google AdSense works in a similar way.

Yahoo Europe will try other alternatives in the advertising market (we couldn’t find any information about what these alternatives could be.) But on 31 March it is definite done with Content Match in Europe.

According to CNET the American advertising service of Yahoo will not be stopped, at least for now!

Affiliate Advertising Alternatives
Of course Content Match and AdSense are not the only pay per click (PPC) advertising methods that you can use on your Blog or Website; there are many others that can be used to make money online with.

In a previous post we already looked at some alternative advertising programs to make money online with. Take a look at that posts maybe you’ll find an alternative for Content Match, so that you won’t lose any income.

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One Response to “Yahoo Europe Stops with AdSense Clone Content Match!”

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