Writing a Compelling Product Reviews to Make Money Online

If you want to make money online you need a lot of traffic. One good way to get traffic to your website is by writing product reviews. A lot of people search for product reviews each day, especially on the more expansive items. That’s why we look today at some tips to write a compelling product review for your site.

The Title must be Interesting

People look at the title first before they decide to read the article, so you have to make sure that the title of the article is compelling and breaths excitement. If you just put down “product review of XYZ” no one will click the link and read the article, thus no traffic to your website. A better way is to phrase the title as a question or to make a statement in the title. The goal is to appeal to a person’s curiosity, so that they will click the link.

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Present an unbiased Review

A potential buyer wants to know the truth. Maybe they got burned in the past, with as a result that they have become very skeptical. So make sure that you write an unbiased, complete, informative review. The review should include both pros and cons. The whole purpose of writing product reviews is to help potential buyers making a good purchase decision. If the product has no pros and you think its crap, then call it crap in your article. You may get some heat (in your comments) of people who love the product, but potential buyers love to read someone’s strong opinion. Make sure that you don’t make them feel that you are hiding something otherwise they’ll never come back!

Sound Authoritative and Approachable

Each review that you write should reflect a certain level of expertise. So don’t write reviews about product’s that are not in your field of expertise. Try to offer advice or some type of solutions to product problems in addition to product experience. When you are writing an article you should always have the following question in the back of your mind “Why should I listen to you?” Let the potential buyer know that you are knowledgeable and that you know your stuff.

The same goes for approachable. If you position yourself as an expert then you have to make sure that people can ask follow-up questions. In other words that you’re approachable by your (reader) audience.

Additional Value

Besides writing a good product review, you should also try to provide some additional value to a product review. For example you could something for free (people love free stuff, so they will come back to your site.) Of course, the additional value doesn’t have to be a physical product, but could also be some free report or consultation.

You can give away some samples for instance. Call a manufacturer and ask for some product samples, make sure that you mention that you are writing a product review. Tell them that you like the product and that you would like to give away some samples to your readers. In most cases they will send some samples, because they also love free publicity! Maybe you can even get them to give your readers a discount (in most cases you have to be a big site and have a lot of readers before a manufacturer gives a discount to your readers.

Before you know it, people will view you as a product review expert and they’ll tell it to others. The traffic will grow giving you a change to make money online from this traffic.

If you know an additional tip, please leave it in the comments below.

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