Write Faster and more Efficiently with these 5 Tools

As a freelancer you are probably writing every day on a computer, such as e-mails, letters, web-pages, Blog-posts or business related pages. If you take a closer look at some of text that you’ve written then you will notice that there are always recurring parts (for instance the letterhead or the signature at the end.) There are (free) tools on the market that can help you automate frequently-used pieces of text. Today we look at some of these text tools that make your freelance writing much faster.

1. AutoHotkey
Autohotkey is a free application for Windows that let you assign text to hotkeys. The tool has its own programming language to create macros. For example:

:: br::Best Regards

Every time you type ‘br’ the text will be replaced with ‘Best Regards’. After a while you have your own set of macro’s that makes writing much faster.

2. TextExpander
Textexpander is Mac application that also replaces pieces of text after hitting certain hotkey. Note: this application is not free. They also have a tool Snippetgroups that can be used with HTML and CSS code.

3. Fingertips
Fingertips is also a free Windows application that also replaces pieces of text after hitting certain hotkey.

4. Typeitin
Typeitin is a Windows application that uses button to put in certain text. This application is not free. They have also a pro-version of this software that let you use piece of text over a local network.

5. Activewords
Activewords is also a Windows application that can do many things more than just replacing text. ActiveWords enables you to work faster and more efficiently by turning everything you type in Windows into actions! Teach ActiveWords to assist you in completing all of your most common tasks in record time. Also this application isn’t free ($50), but you can automate almost everything.

Do you use a different or similar tool on Windows that make your writing faster then please leave a comment!

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One Response to “Write Faster and more Efficiently with these 5 Tools”

  1. Frank Connwell on October 8th, 2008 07:20

    You missed PhraseExpress and Autotext in the list. ;-)

    PhraseExpress demo video:

    It’s free if used for non-commercial tasks.

    Or http://www.autotext-software.com (basic features but completely free).