Work From Home Advantages and Challenges

Working from home has many advantages; this is why more and more people want to work from home.

If you think about working from home, but are still undecided, then take a look at these advantages and challenges:

Financial advantage

Starting a home bases business appose to starting a “normal” small business comes with some financial benefits. A home based business eliminates the cost of renting an office. There are one time costs if you turn a room in your house into an office, but you don’t have to pay rent each month for a separate office. The money that you save can be used to turn one of your rooms into an office.

Also you can potentially earn much more money with a business than with a job (there is no salary scale.)

Another advantage from working from home is that you can use existing household furniture to reduce overheads even further.

Other work from home benefits includes tax relief. In most countries having a business allows you to write off office equipment, maintenance costs, electrical cost and other utilities. Ask your local tax office.

Advantage of freedom

The greatest advantage of working at home and operating a home based business is that you are your own boss. You determine when you start and what you do. This is why more and more women start a home-based business. The flexibility makes it easier to combine work and motherhood.

Boundary Challenges

Of course there are also challenges when you work from home. Probably the most challenging is setting clear boundaries between work and family obligations. Try to separate work and family obligations as much as possible. For instance: don’t take personal telephone calls. (Installing an extra telephone line for your business helps you with this problem.) You also have to make sure that your friends and family know that you work at certain hours and you don’t want to be disturbed. (Make a schedule for a month and give it to them. Also explaining the problem to them can help a lot.)

Self discipline challenge

Another challenge of being your own boss is having the self discipline to get the job done. Especially for people that have not worked on their own before. It is easy to get distracted with all kinds of things. To help you focus, you can make a do-list for every day in the week (or for a week in advanced.)

Challenge of isolation

Another challenge of working from home is feeling isolated. You don’t have colleagues around you so many people feel isolated. The interaction with other people is mostly done with e-mail or telephone calls and this is different then speaking with people directly.

The only thing you can do is changing your schedule. You can setup your schedule with an hour (or two) break during the day or on every other day. Spend this time with friends or family. (Good way, is combining it with lunch time. You take out a friend for lunch for instance.)

Working from home have many other advantages and challenges, but if you start a home-based business and work from home, then you will find out that there are much more advantages then disadvantages. The challenges can be overcome.

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One Response to “Work From Home Advantages and Challenges”

  1. Thiago Guerra on March 17th, 2008 14:30

    The most difficult part is the boundary. If you don’t have a office properly set up in a space like a room or garage in your house you probably never going to be successful setting boundaries.