Work from Home – 7 Weekend Home Businesses

With the increase of all basic commodities it might be a good idea to start a small business that you can manage during weekends as well as in your spare time.

If both you and your husband have a day job and still both of you are having a hard time to fulfil all your financial responsibilities. Your daily expenses pile up as your kids grow older, and everyday, you encounter a never ending stream of bills and repairs that you do not know where to find the funds to cover.

If you are one of the millions of 9 to 5 workers who are already neck deep in expenses, mortgages, and bills, the opportunity to have the means to increase your income, will probably be very welcome. It will definitely go a long way into bringing a solution to your financial problems.

Also, starting a small business can determine if you have the makings of a successful businessman. If you like working as a businessman, you may even consider going into it full time.

1. Cooking Instructor.
If cooking is a favourite pastime of yours, then being a cooking instructor may be your thing. Set up a small space where you can teach people all about cooking. You have to be well-versed on your food specialty as well as artistic in presentation.

Cooking instructors can get as much as $35 – $75 an hour. You can also charge according to the number of hours you have worked and other costs like ingredients and rental of the place. It can also depend on how many people there are in your class.

2. Cake Designer
The cake is often made as a centrepiece to brighten up any occasion. This is the reason why the cake should be designed artistically and beautifully to be able to accentuate the style of the event that it will grace. It is the responsibility of the cake decorator to produce a cake that is worthy of that occasion. The skills to bake and make a cake, the eye for beauty and the artistic ability to produce a cake masterpiece should be present in a cake designer.

Your customers are basically any person celebrating a special occasion. Contact wedding coordinators, party organizers and bakeries; maybe they can use your cakes for your cakes for their events. Parents, brides, grooms, and businesses are also potential customers.

3. Personal Fitness Instructor
Since there has been a drastic increase in the number of people who are becoming conscious of their body and health, the demand for fitness instructors, including yoga, Pilates, and tae-boo have increased. If you are knowledgeable in fitness training and would like to give a hand to those people with weight and health problems, you can consider becoming a part time personal fitness instructor. All you need to do is assist your clients in setting goals to achieve their ideal body fitness and advise them on the right diet and lifestyle.

The pay varies on the length, quality and quantity of services rendered. Fitness instructors usually get paid about $35 – $75 every hour. Prominent trainers who have celebrities among their clientele get ten times more.

4. Children’s Books Writer
Parents are often looking for special gifts for their children. With the children book writing you can fill that demand, especially if you can personalize the story (using names of loved ones or other relevant information in the story.)

Note: you can buy illustrated book pages that you can personalize yourself.

If gift giver is a grandparent you could maybe write a story and wave information about the grandparents live into the story (keep the subject light, no family problems of course.) This way the child will have a nice story but also learn something about the family history.

5. Musician.
If you have a musical ability, either singing or playing an instrument, then you can put this ability to good use and earn money too. You can start by playing solo or with a group on a party, night spot, or in a bar. You can also try to sing during weddings.

Check out the classifieds for who are in need of a musician and apply. You can earn as much as $5,000 – $15,000 a year for just part time work. (It all depends on your musical ability.)

6. Tour Guide.
If there are a lot of tourist spots within your area with a lot of traffic, especially during weekends, opt to direct a group to where they would like to go. (You can do this every hour.) Pay reaches up to $70 an hour.

Most tour guides make an itinerary that will allow the travellers to gain extra information on the area. (Sometimes you need to pay for this, so you could also charge something for it.)

7. Tutoring Service.
When a student finds out that he is in need of further instructions on how to go about his homework, they usually hire a tutor to do this. A tutor augments the lessons taught by the teacher in school to help them understand it better. All you need is having that extra skill or knowledge to be able to impart something to your students.

Ask your friends about who needs this service. You may also inform parents of your skill so as to gain customers. The pay for tutors is the hourly rate of $25 – $50 but you can demand more if needed. (You can also seek an online tutor job, check out this article.)

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