Why Every Freelancer Should Have a Blog!

Everybody knows that an online presence of business can benefit that business. Of course, freelancing is a business, so also every freelancer should have a blog or a website, regardless of what freelance field their in. Take a look at the tips ‘Why every freelancer should have a blog!’

The Unknown Face
Every client likes to know with whom they are doing business. With a blog or a website you can do just that. Make it easy for the client to find out more about you. A freelance blog is like having your own advertisement space, so put photo of yourself, some relevant information and some work examples on your blog. This way the client can easily find out with whom they are dealing with.

Providing Examples
Whether you have your own client list or bid on one of the many freelance exchange sites, many of the new clients want to see some example of your previous work. So make a portfolio on your blog or website with some of your best work. This way you only have to give the ‘new clients’ the URL to your portfolio, if they ask for examples of your work. A good and balanced portfolio can help tremendously in getting that new job!

Hone Writing Skills
In whatever freelance field you’re in, there will come a time that you have to write something for a client, whether it is a technical manual or accompanying letter. Writing regular blog posts will help you to hone your writing skills. Good writing skills will help you communicate more effectively if a client asks you to write something for them.

Knowledge up-to-date
What every freelancer needs is up-to-date knowledge. Of course you could do some regular research on specific topics, but it easier to write some posts about these topics. It not only helps you to keep your knowledge up-to-date, but also helps to hone your writing skills the same time. And lets face, it’s far easier to remember something if you have written about it. So start writing some ‘How to’ posts for your blog!

Establish a Brand
Having a blog or website will help you with establishing a brand, if of course you add new material regularly.  A little example; if you are a programmer and post regularly new ‘How to’ (and they are good of course) people will begin to see you as an expert. Then your brand becomes; expert programmer that you can hire.

So start building your own website or setup your own blog. Make a portfolio and write some ‘How to’ in you freelance field of interest. This way you can establish your self as an expert and land that big new client!

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