What to Do if You Have a Blogger’s Block

Writing a blog post a couple of times a week can be downright intimidating, especially if you can’t find a compelling story somewhere in you. So what to do if you have a blogger’s block? Where to find some inspiration?

Below you will find some sources of blog inspiration:

Industry News

Whether your field is car parts, SEO optimization or Making Money Online, the reason you might not have nothing new to say is because you’re not reading enough industry news. Of course most people read the top bloggers in their field, but so are all the other thousands of blog writers. Search for new angles, for instance how a specific car part is manufactured and why this manufacturing make it a great product. You also look for inspiration in the real world, for instance you can visit trade shows or other events, to find subjects to write about.

Helpful Information

Readers want to come away from your blog feeling entertained or feeling that they learned something. They want to get something out of it! Again search for that different angle than all the other bloggers. For instance something funny to write about, but also informative at the end of the post. (For instance a funny video of something that goes wrong. Below the video you give 10 useful tips to avoid that it will go wrong.)

Going Off-topic

It can be very refreshing for your regular readers if you write an off-topic post once in a while. Of course you should not go complete overboard. For example a good off-topic subject is to write something you personally have experienced. (Even if it has nothing to do with your main subject.)


Feedback from readers can be a great way to find inspiration for a new article. Find out what kind of comments do you get? What are readers asking and saying in response to a certain article? Maybe you can find a topic that you could address in more depth (because people are asking for it.)

Guest Posts

You can ask a fellow blogger in your field if you can interview him or her. You get free material and in most cases the interviewee will link to your post. Of course you can also ask if they like to write a guest post for your blog, maybe their post can give you inspiration for a new post (sort of spin-off posts.)

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