What is Your Website Saying about Your Business?

Just as important as any first impression, your business website should also make a good and professional impression on potential customers or clients. For instance if your website is lacking good and fresh content, these potential customers may think that this is indicative for the type of work your business is delivering.

The result will be that they will go to a competitor that has a website that is looking more professional.

What can you do to make your business website looking more professional?

1. Design
The design of your website should look new and fresh. For instance an “old 90’s look” will not look professional these days. You need to change the feel and look of a website at least once every two years.

2. Navigation
The site should be easy to navigate. A potential customer should find what he/she is looking for in matter of second’s or they will look elsewhere.

Tip: let someone else test it, for instance a family member. Always ask for direct things, like “Find me the contact information on the site” or “Find X product information.” If they can’t find it, then correct the problems.

3. Content
As said before in the introduction; your content should be up to date. But also your business website needs new content regularly.

4. Domain name
The domain name you use for your business should be a premium domain name. Use a countries domain name if you only do business in that country, but a .com name is even better.

5. Company Logo
Make sure you use a clean and professional logo for your company and also place it on your business website.

6. Contact Information
Make sure you place contact information in a visible place and that it is current. If you use e-mail forms on your site then check if they are (still) working regularly.

7. Not professional
Loud midi music or flashy graphics don’t look very professional, at least if your business isn’t music or a games site. So try to avoid them. A clean website will always look better and more professional.

8. Portfolio
Make sure you have pictures or other example of your previous work on your website. Also previews that people can try are also good to get those potential customers across the line.

9. Spelling
The spelling of your content should be correct. Use a spellings checker before you place new content!

10. Response time
The server where you host your website should have a good response time. If a client has to wait, they will probably move on. The same goes for responding at questions they have mailed you.

In conclusion
The bottom line is, if your website is anything but current and visually appealing, you may be making a negative first impression. So keep your website current and up to date!

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