What are the Goals of YOUR Business Website?

Have you ever asked yourself the question why you have a business website anyway?

Almost every small business has a website these days. Why? Many of the business website owners will answer; “because every other business has one” or “everyone is telling me that we have to have a website.”

But this is no reasons for a website. Without a certain GOAL the website will never be a success!

The mere fact that everyone else has a business website is no reason why you should build one. As with every other business venture you should determine why you do something and what you want to achieve. So in short: the WHY and the GOAL are vital!

Of course we can’t tell you why you should do something or what you want to achieve with it, you should try to determine it yourself. But we can help with an example.

The Why
As said before, we can’t answer the questions why you should create a business website, but we can give you an example of a business and show you that almost EVERY business can benefit from an online presence. Take a look at the example below:

  1. Let’s say you own a printing service. You want to expand your business and go online. Then you could open a:
    • Business Card Website – Online creating and selling of business cards. The customer can design their business cards online. Once the design is finished they can order a number of business cards online. The design is send to the back-office where it’s printed and shipped to the customer.
    • Calendar Service Website – Online creating and selling of calendars. For example the customer can add his or hers own photographs onto a calendar template. Once the design is finished they can upload the photographs that are used on the design. They can place an order for a number of calendars. The design is send to the back-office where it’s printed and shipped to the customer.
    • Business Printing – Customers can order a number of copies of a paper or rapport they have uploaded. Again the paper or rapport is send to the back-office where it’s printed and shipped to the customer.
    • Formatting and Design – Besides offering only standard templates that the customers can use, you can also offer formatting and design help for those customers that are not so creative. For instance they can send in a draft of a rapport and your business redesigns the layout of the rapport (adding charts, changing fonts, spelling check, etc.) Once the redesign is finished the rapport is send back to the customer for approval. If the customer approves the redesign they can order a number of copies that get printed by your company. This way you can make money from the redesign and the printing.

We know that this is not spectacular new ideas but you can get the idea WHY a business can benefit from an online service. You just have to look for ideas and reasons why your business should go online. Just making a website with contact information makes no business sense. Your business website should generate income for your business!

The Goals
Once you have figured out why your business should go online and with what products and/or services you are offering then you should set GOALS. Without certain goals for your website it won’t work. Some examples of goals you can set:

  • 2% traffic growth per month
  • 5% less bounce rate per month (visitors who immediately leave)
  • 1% increase per week of newsletter sign-ups
  • $500 a month increase of online orders
  • X numbers of a specific product
  • Etc

Once you have set your goals you should constantly measure these goals for instance with Google Analytics or some other measuring tool. If you aren’t achieving your website goals then you need to change things.

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One Response to “What are the Goals of YOUR Business Website?”

  1. Isaac on July 7th, 2009 05:58

    There are many reasons why i have a web site. But my goals are to reach as many customers as possible. A web site is an extension of your store and can reach customers prefer to shop on line


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