Use PLR Content to Make Money Online

If you are blogging to make money online or you are just blogging for fun, in both cases you need to create fresh content frequently. This is not as easy as it sounds. Every writer hit a writer’s block at some point in time. What to do then and where do you get new ideas or fresh content?

If you make enough money online you can of course find someone to do the writing for you, a ghost-writer for instance. But this may turn out to be a too costly solution for most bloggers in the long run.

Another solution would be to ask as many guest bloggers to participate on your blog. This way you can get a lot of free content with which you can make money online. But if your blog isn’t that popular you won’t get those guest bloggers, so for many bloggers this isn’t a solution.

What would you if you want to make money blogging, but you find it hard to create new and fresh content on a regular basis? (Please leave a comment if you have a good idea!)

One suggestion we could give you is that you should use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and e-books. PLR content is content where you can claim authorship to it and if you get the rights you can change it in anyway you want.

This is how you use PLR content to make money online:

  1. Purchase some PLR articles. Once you have them you can customize them and use them on your blog. Of course you need to change the articles enough so that they become unique content and of course they must be relevant to you niche market or topic.
  2. You cannot only use PLR content for article creation that will make you money. You can also use it to attract people to your blog or website. Re-write some PLR articles and compile a free report (it should contain some links to your website of course.) Place this free report on your website so that people can download it for free. People like free things and the best thing is that they not only download it, but many of them will also link to it. (Getting you those vital incoming links.)
  3. You can also buy some PLR e-books and put your name on those e-books. (Make sure you read them and tweak them where you think it is necessary.) You should also give away these e-books for free, but people need to opt-in to get to the e-books. This way you get those valuable e-mail addresses and the owners of the e-mail addresses get a free e-book. Later on you can use those e-mail addresses to make money online by trying to sell them something. Note: you can also use those PLR e-books to promote some affiliate products.

This are just three ways you can use PLR content to make money online and use them to create unique content for your blog or website.

Note: GET our FREE e-book by signing up for the newsletter and NO, it is not a PLR e-book. We wrote it ourselves!

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One Response to “Use PLR Content to Make Money Online”

  1. Racquel Lyle on July 19th, 2008 09:02

    If your rewrite PlR make it sure that you make it more appealing to the audience any way it is PLR you can only do is to improve it. If the article is written more personalize approach it will never say it comes from a PLR .