Use Backend Marketing To Make Money Online

Whether you’re a web shop owner, affiliate marketer or online business owner, the hardest part of online selling is finding new customers. So, why don’t you try making use of back-end marketing and try to sell new products to old customers?

Backend marketing is where the real money is made online!

If you already sold many products, it is most likely that you have hundreds or maybe thousands of e-mail addresses in your auto-responder system. So, make use of them by offering new products to old customers who bought products before. Especially complimentary products to products that they already bought may do very well.

And the nice thing is it’s free. You already have the e-mail addresses, you only have to send out an e-mail, which will cost you nothing!

The best thing to do is offering them a lower priced product then the previous one the bought and work your way up to the higher priced products. This way you make the maximum amount of money from your list.

Let’s look at an example:
You already have 500 customers who bought a gardening E-Book for $25 from you, so you already made $12500 in profits.

A few days later you send out an e-mail to these customers where you offer them a low priced E-Book on plants for only $15. You find out that not everybody buys the E-Book, but there are still 300 people that have bought it. So you make $4500 in profits.

A week later (give them time to read the previous bought products) you send out another e-mail, now offering an E-Book on “The best techniques and tools that professional gardeners use!” for 30 dollars. Again, not everybody buys something, but still 150 people have bought it, making you another $4500.

A week later you send out another e-mail offering them a video on gardening and famous gardens for $69. This time only 75 previous customers buy the product, making you $5175 in profits.

This makes it to a total of $26675 in profits of just four products.

Note: In this example I used only electronically delivered products, but it also works with “normal” products that you send by postal mail!

In conclusion
I know that this is ideal numbers, but it shows you the power of backend marketing to make money online. Many of the big companies use it all the time and you know that they are making money online! So, why shouldn’t you give it a try?

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One Response to “Use Backend Marketing To Make Money Online”

  1. Chandra Dev on April 30th, 2008 17:33

    Back end marketing never worked for me. However reading your article I will try again.