Types of Profitable Information Products

Selling information products has become a popular way to make money online. People are always looking for good information and the best thing is, that they are willing to pay for it. So the demands for information products are potential huge.

Today we are looking at three types of information products that doing and always have done well online. Of course there are many other information products that will you make money online, but we think that these three types are doing especially well and they are easy to produce.

The three types of profitable information products are:

  • Reports
  • E-books
  • Digital Video


Reports are similar to E-books and just as E-books they are easy to produce. Normally a report is smaller then an E-book. In most cases a report has only around 50 pages, so it will cost you less time to write them. The downside of this is that the price will also be lower then an E-book, but selling reports as information product to make money online is still profitable.

One of the great advantages of E-books is that they are inexpensive to develop. This way they have a high profit margin and an another advantage is that you don’t have any inventory to carry. You can produce an E-book yourself or let it write by a professional freelancer. In most cases the E-book comes in PDF format.

Tip: also convert your E-book to audio book for an extra profit.

Digital Video
Because more and more people get high speed internet connection these days, using digital video on websites is becoming more popular. Take a look at YouTube for instance more and more people are using it each day!

So selling information products in the digital video form will also become more and more popular and thus profitable.

Also they are not difficult to produce. Take a look at the article: Tools to Create Video Information Products.

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