Tips on Offline and Online Selling Practices

Many people feel that it is hard to go into sales. Offline selling is almost the same as online selling. The only difference is that you can’t talk directly to the people, but with a good written landing page (where you try to convince the people in writing) this difference almost disappears.The fact is that selling is actually easy, you only have to act by some rules.
Here are several tips that you can use to help boost your sales:

1. Act naturally and not as a salesperson
When a person is approached by a sales person, their natural tendency is to repel those people and be negative about it. It will require a bigger effort to take down those barriers and convince them to buy the product. Therefore, act naturally and try to get into their confidences. If they feel at ease with you, it is more likely that they will buy your product.

So when you try to sell online, you also need to make them feel at ease. Offer them returns if they don’t like the product. You can place testimonials from other buyers on the landing page. You must look trustworthy, so be professional.

2. Sell to people who can afford to buy
Selling is not only presenting your product to other people and hoping that they will buy.

Find out first if they have the means to buy your product. It may entail a bit of research on the person but at least, the only thing you need to do is to persuade them to buy your product. Since it is hard to judge a person if they have the means to buy the product or not, especially if it costs a bit of money, then it might be a waste of time for you as well as a waste of effort to sell to people who are not even seriously considering to buy your product.

The same for online selling, you must know your market. For instance: if you try to sell a very expensive product, then you must aim for the rich buyers not for the average buyer.

3. Assess the situation first before attempting to sell
For example you are selling a toaster and you are trying to sell it to someone who already has a dozen toasters at home. Would you think that this customer would buy another toaster? They probably would if they are collecting toasters and the toaster you are selling is cheap, but still top of the line.

Online selling is the same. You’re product need to be unique and of value. Don’t try to sell another AdSense eBook or get rich quick eBook. Offer something new and unique. Try to find a niche.

4. Talk with your prospects
Do not focus on selling the product or service. Talk to your customers instead as you would to a friend or an acquaintance. Ask questions. Listen to what they have to say and what they believe in. Focus on this and centre your selling on it. Your prospects will soon forget that you are trying to sell them something and soon they will be telling you what you need to sell to them instead. It is effortless to do and yet yields a lot of success.

Also with online selling you need to talk to your buyers. Offer them something for free if they answer some questions (before or after the sale.) Find out what other things they like. The answers can be used for new product or to assemble a package of several products.

5. Discuss the best solution with your prospect
In selling, include the client in formulating the solution to their problem. Instead of taking the formulation of the problems in your hands, discuss it with them and include their input in the formulation process. This way they will feel included in the planning and thus they resistance less or even not, when it comes to selling the solution to them.

For instance an online freelance programmer must talk to the customer during the project.
You must know what the customer wants at project delivery time.

6. Be honest
Know what you are talking about and be honest about it. Clients are wary if their sales person does not seem to be trustworthy and will probably not buy anything from them. Do not give information that you do not know or even understand. And make sure you follow through on your promise if you do such a thing. Your honesty will be rewarded by a sale.

For instance an online freelance programmer can’t say he can do something and then can’t deliver. Customers talk, after a while you will have a bad wrap and know one will hire you (again.)

7. Include enticements and freebies to increase the deal’s value
If your prospect has already decided to buy your product, then increase the value of your sale by adding more to it. Most buyers are enticed to increase their payment if they feel they can get something better from it like a bigger discount or a better deal. You give them a good deal and you also get something out of it.

Also with online selling, if another site offers the same product for the same price. Then you must offer something for free or offer a discount on a new product (give them a coupon.) Of course you could also lower your price.
Try using at least one of these tips and witness a big change in your sales performance. It will definitely change the way you deal with your clients and vice versa. And selling will not seem to be a big effort on your part anymore.

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