Three Ways to Profit from PLR Products

People who want to make money online should definitely look at private label rights products. They often come as a complete package and sometimes they even include sales letters. You buy the rights to resell the PLR products or use the PLR product in your own products.

Below you’ll find a few tips what you can do with private label rights (PLR) products to make money online:

1. Sell the PLR Products as They Are

PLR products are most of the time packaged with sales letters and images. So you can use them easily to make money online just as they way you purchased them. The only thing you have to do is too publish it on your own website and you can begin reselling the PLR product.

2. Use Them as Incentives

You want to build an e-mail list than you should buy a PLR product that you can use as an incentive to people to sign up for your list. People love free stuff and are more likely to sign up if they receive something for free.

Make sure that you have the right to do so by buying the master resell rights for that PLR product. Also make sure that is of true value for the people who are becoming a member.

3. Create Your Own Product

If you really want to make money online than you should use the PLR product as a basis for your own products or service. Make one unique products from the PLR product.

Another way is to buy multiple PLR products and resell them as a one new complete package. You’ll probably make more money than if you would sell them individually.


These are just a few ways to use private label rights products to make money online. They are an easy and quick way to have new products for your online business.

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One Response to “Three Ways to Profit from PLR Products”

  1. LShep on May 10th, 2009 03:47

    PLR is certainly a profitable way to get content. It’s easy to tweak it so that it’s unique, and it’s the least expensive content out there.