Think Ahead After Landing a New Client

Whether you’re a freelancer or working from home landing new clients is one of the most time-consuming tasks for every small business owner and the worst thing is, it doesn’t pay you anything. So knowing how to increase the value of every client after you landed them is skill that you absolutely have to master.

Luckily, getting more income from your clients isn’t that hard. It all comes down to using a few strategies that can boost their spending. Below you will find some tips that you can do after you have landed a client.

Think a Services Ahead
There is a great chance that the client that is hiring you has more projects in the future. So take a look at the service you’re providing and try to think about what the next logical step would be for the client. Maybe you can offer an extension of related service.

Some related services examples:

1. You have written some articles for a client. The change is great that the client needs more articles in the future. Offer some ideas for an entire series of articles, that you of course gladly want to write. (If they hesitate offer a special price!)

2. You have created a logo for a client that is planning a new website. The change is great that the client need more graphics work for the website. Offer to do additional work.

These are just a few examples, but I bet you can come up with something your client needs. If not, then just offer your services for future projects. Communication is very important!

Think Months Ahead
One of the smartest and best moves a freelancer or someone who works at home can do is to find a way to turn a one-time projects into a monthly stream of income. This is the best thing to do, because this way you generate a steady profit.

Some examples to generate a stream of income:

1. After writing some articles for a client then offer the client a good deal where you will write one (or a couple) article(s) each week.

2. After creating a logo for a client then offer to create a graphic each week for the client.

3. If you have done some SEO for a client then offer to produce a SEO rapport each month.

If you can’t come up with ideas for the service you are offering then check the websites of competitors to check which extended service they are offering.

Think Clients Ahead
Of course you want new clients with the least amount of legwork. A good way to achieve this is by getting word of mouth advertising. Try to use no-pressure strategies to leverage the client’s network to get new clients.

Some examples to achieve word of mouth advertising:

1. Do the best work you can do and communicate professional.

2. Give a discount as a sort of “thank you” for a next project.

3. Use the above example and give discount coupons that the client can give away to other people the client knows.

4. Ask for client testimonials. Add them to your portfolio. Portfolios should be e-mailed to clients. The change is that other businesses ask your client if they know a good freelancer is great. So if you mailed your portfolio then there is a change that the client will send it on.

Share your wisdom and experience in the comments below. Give us your tips to think ahead after landing a new client!

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