The Multiple Hats of a Small Business Owner

Every small business owners knows that to make money online they have to wear multiple hats, especially if they want to run a successful business. Many of them just don’t have the luxury and money to hire a staff, so they have to do everything themselves. Of course the responsibilities can be overwhelming at times, but the freedom of being self-employed is for many of us worth it. Below you will find some tips to increase productivity and setting a plan for success.

First take out some piece of paper and a pen or open a new Word document!

The first step is to write down in detail what you do during a workweek. In a separate column you should write down which is income-producing work.

Diversity of Your Job
You should try to embrace the diversity of being a small business owner. Like it or not, if you have to run a small business on your own then you also have to do the things you don’t like to do. If this thing is vital for your business then there is no other way then to do it, but if it is not than try to drop it or find another solution for it (maybe outsourcing?)

Schedule Your Time
Time management is very important. Make a schedule by writing down each task that you have written down before. This way you know what you have to each day during a workweek. Make sure you schedule in some flexibility for the unexpected things.

Establish Business Goals
Of course every small business owner hopes to achieve success, but without effective goal setting this isn’t possible. That is way you should establish goals for each aspect of your business.  For instance: how many projects you will finish in a month or how much money you want to make each month. Make sure you also write down the time line in which time you hope to achieve the goal.

Brief Monthly Review
Make room in your schedule for a brief monthly review in which you can review your set goals. This way you know what you have to do if you fall short of a goal. Make sure you keep it simple! Write down what you have to next month to achieve your goal.

Get Good Tools
Without the right business tools you won’t be very efficient, so get the right tools to perform your job, even if you have to buy them!

Recognize Your Weaknesses
Everyone have their strengths and weakness, it’s nothing to be ashamed of as long you know what your weaknesses are. This way you can do something about it. For instance you could hire a freelancer to do them.

Outsource Where Needed
Of course sometime you don’t have any time left to do a particular task. Of course you can do it in your free time, but if you don’t want to burnout, this is not a wise choice. A better choice is it to hire a freelancer and outsource that particular task.

If you schedule your task and stick to the schedule you can improve your efficiency tremendously. Each time you make a weekly or monthly schedule you get better at it, so try it for a while!

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