The Internet Marketing Sales Process

Many new online business owners don’t know how internet marketing works. Many of them just slap a web shop online and start selling. But they forget that if they also used the internet marketing sales process that they could make much more money online. This is why we look today at the internet marketing sales process and some rules you should follow.

The internet sales cycle can be broken down into 4 basic steps and here are those steps:

1. Collecting Leads
The goal in this step is to get as many e-mail addresses from people as you can. Of course you can’t just search the internet for e-mail addresses and start e-mailing those people. If you do this then you are spamming and spamming is never good for business. (You should also make sure people can get of the list by placing a link in the e-mail.)

The goal is to collect e-mail addresses from people who are willingly giving it to you. This can be done by offering them something for free. For instance you will send them a newsletter or free e-book. Another method you can use to collect e-mail addresses is by asking people for there opinion. You can use a special survey form that requires them to leave their e-mail address. Method number three can be used by web shop owners. They should place a checkbox (to receive a newsletter) on the payment page.

For the collection process you will need to get an opt-in form and an e-mail auto-responder. (For instance you could use With these two items you can gather the information you need and instantly send out a confirmation e-mail to the new subscriber.

2. Follow Up Messages
Once someone has opted-in you should send them the promised free item, but this is not the only message you can send. For instance: if people signed up for a newsletter you should send them only one newsletter every week.  Another message you can send is some useful tips on how they can use a certain product or program. You can also send them a welcome message. You should make sure that you send the follow up e-mails on the same time and day of every week.

Always make sure that there is something of value in each e-mail. For instance: valuable and useful tips, other free things, easy link to posts that you have made or a funny story.

This way you make sure that people will open the e-mail that you send out. Without opening they can’t click on the links! Building trust is the key.

Note: in most auto-responder programs you can queue follow up messages. This way you can also automate this process.

3. Closing the Sale
If your list is large enough and people on the list are used to click on the links in your mail – because you have trained them with the links to something of value (see 2) – you can start by sending them e-mails with links to your sales pages (of course in the hope to make money online.) Again, make sure you don’t bombard them with sales e-mails. Just send one a week.

Of course you can also place the sales links in your newsletter and only send out an extra e-mail if you have a special offer. (Find out which will works best for your list.)

4. Up-Selling
This is where beginner internet marketers make their mistake, they forget to UPSELL. Most of them have only one e-book that they are trying to sell. If they soled an e-book they have nothing else to offer to the customers. So make sure you have multiple (preferable complementary) products.

Once you made a sale, you send them another e-mail of re-direct them to another product page, of course in the hope that they also buy that product. (Note: you can also automate this process in most auto-responder programs.)

Make sure you use so called internet marketing call-to-action lines in your e-mails.

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  1. Ben Waugh on September 30th, 2008 12:00

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.