Taking Shortcuts to Make Money Online Equals No Success

Have you ever seen such sentences in forums: “I want to get rich quick without to much hassle. Please help.” Another example: “I am looking to make money online without too much work.” I have! The fact is that I see it more and more. And it is getting on my nerves when people try to shortcut their way to success. It NEVER works, but for some reason people rather use some ‘trick’ then using honest hard work!

Everywhere you look, you see people that are trying to exploit some trick, whether it is for getting higher search engine rankings or for making money online.

Some examples of tricks that people use:

  • Automated blog spamming (automated comments) in the hope that people will follow the link to their own site. (Note: there is nothing wrong with leaving a comment on a blog, but spamming some weird sentence on 500 blogs is wrong.)
  • The same for leaving automated messages on forum. Of course the messages contain a link to their own website.
  • Scraper websites. People use bots to scrape content from other peoples websites and post them on their own website or blog. They place Google Adsense around it and hope people will click on it. They hope that they make money online this way.
  • People buy Adsense ready website packages. These packages contain for instance 25 pages of content. You only have to place your Google Adsense id in a certain place and upload the pages to your server. Again, they hope to make money online this way.
  • Etc, etc.

Maybe this tricks work for a very little time, but they defiantly don’t work in the long run.

Do these people think that they can outsmart companies like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo?

I don’t think so, it takes only some time before these companies will remove the sites from their affiliate programs and search engines.

Everyone wants to able to push a button and magically have money flying out of their computer. I know I do. But as everyone knows, this is not going to work EVER!

If you really want to make money online you have to make a plan and work really hard to implement that plan. This is the only way you will have success in the long run. This is how you start an online business and make money online.

So people get rid of the “get rich quick” mindset and start building on a solid business!

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