Succeed at a Freelance Writing Career

If you love to write, then maybe a freelance writing career is something for you. The best part of being a writer is that you can do it from almost everywhere, work from home, the park, you name it.

Start Small and Get Writing Experience

There are many websites or companies who are in need of writers to create fresh content every day. Try to sell some articles online before you think of becoming a full-time writer.

Earn Cash Writing

See this article for websites where they pay you for an article. Why don’t you start writing in your spare time? With each article that you make you will get more experience. You even can try to sell these articles online. If you build up your writing career step by step, the chance of success is far greater then when you jump right in and you can do it without the risk of not having a pay check at the end of the month.

Tip: Never jump right in or quit your regular job, start small!
Maybe after a while you can reduce your hours or work half-time and focus your attention on becoming a full-time writer.

Another good way to gain more experience is to write for a small local newspaper. Write some articles about things that are happening around you. Small newspapers normally pay very little for an article or they don’t pay at all. Although the financial reward is not high, you will get an editorial review for free. You will learn a lot from comments that other people make.

Tip: Find an experienced writer or editor that will help you proofread your work before submission.

Write from Own Experience

The best and easiest way is to write from your own experience. For instance, if you have experienced working in an emergency room, on a fire truck, or as a police officer, you might describe in vivid detail one day at work to give readers an inside view of this job.

You might write about a turning point in your life–perhaps about a time when you faced a difficult challenge, or a time when you reassessed your values.

Maybe you’re an expert in a specific field or on a specific topic, you can write tutorials or even an e-book about that topic.

So in short, you should write about:

  • Your hobbies or interests
  • Your experiences, challenges in life
  • Trends
  • Travel experiences
  • Experts around you
  • Cooking
  • etc

The Last Step After you gained experience the last step is to get your articles accepted by the “printed” press. This is not as easy as it sounds, but with some persistence it is possible.

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