Starting a Freelance Internet Business

Starting a freelance internet business is one of those things that are hard to resist. You are your own boss, work from home, make money online twenty-four hours a day, work when you want – what is not to like, right? Not so fast!

It’s harder then it looks. There are thousands of people trying to make money online as a freelancer and many of them spent more than a few years (and a lot of money) in vain to start a profitable online business.

Nobody likes to admit failure. That is why you only hear about the success stories, but even most of the business owners that have success, probably had some failed online venture behind them.

So what are some of the obstacles a beginning freelancer or Internet entrepreneur can encounter?

1. Learning Curve
There is no single “How to” process to follow, so the learning curve may be steeper then you thinks. Of course you can find many different online sources, each with their own opinion on what the best way is to start an online business. So it’s very hard for a beginner to know who to believe. There are also multiple online business models to choose from.

Which choices to make and which are the best choice, is all up to you.

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2. Traffic
“Build it and they will come!” was a line used in a Stephen King movie, but it is not as easy as that. Of course building a business website is not very hard. You can build it from scratch or you can also hire someone to do it for you.

The hard part is getting traffic to your website. Of course there are all kinds of methods and opinions on the net, but as with the learning curve, which methods to follow. Another thing most beginning website owners vastly underestimate is the amount of competition they will have in the keywords they have chosen for their website.

3. Sales
So you have you website in place and get some traffic, but how to convince the visitors to buy something from you and not from another website. Another obstacle is which products will sell and which will not. These are all hard questions that you need to crack.

4. Distractions
We can go on for hours and list many other obstacles a beginning internet business owner can encounter during the start-up, but mention only more and this is DISTRACTIONS. For instance reading this article probably distracts you from your “normal” work. You could have made a newsletter or e-mail by the time you have read this article. This is only one distraction; there are thousands more, especially if you work from home. The business will only work if you focus on your work, work hard and fall in the trap of the countless distractions you will encounter during the start-up of your internet business.

In Conclusion
The best way to start an internet business is to go your own way. Sure listen to others for their ideas and opinions, but make up your own mind. Don’t follow a so called “experts.”

For instance we give only tips in our articles, but you still need to make mind if you use them or not. (Or if they apply to your type of business.)

If starting an online business was easy, then everyone would do it! So make a business plan, be flexible, adapt, work hard and have the patience to follow the business plan.

Best of Luck!

We like to hear your obstacles you encounter during your business start-up. Please leave a comment!

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