Some Tips to Turn Web Users Into Shoppers

When running an e-commerce website the most difficult thing is to turn web traffic into online purchases. Using web analytic tools you can measure how your website is performing. Its always a good idea to review your site regularly to find weak spots that need to be improved.

Things you need to measure are:

  • What pages do people visiting?
  • At what products are they looking?
  • How far are they getting into the checkout process before abandoning their carts?
  • What where the items in the abandoned cart?
  • Compare the cart prices with competitors and so on.

Once you know how your site is doing and you know the numbers you can start improving sales by following these five tips:

Always tell a Story

You talk like a car salesman! This can be a bad, but also a good thing. But have you ever wondered why they talk so much? They talk so much because people like to hear a good story to make them feel at more at ease, before that make a purchase. This is the same for web visitors. They don’t like to land on a boring catalog page. Engage them with a story, an image or video by telling them, who you are and why you are selling what you sell. Visitors need to be engaged and persuaded to buy items, but always try to sound authentic.

Use Mobile

Consider a makeover of your website if you site isn’t already ready for mobile devices. Almost 30 percent of visitors of every site uses a mobile device to browse the site. But you should check the analytics of your site. If your site isn’t ready, people will most likely leave.

Update Old Sites

Technology goes fast, so update your site technology if this isn’t done in a couple of years. For instance you need to evaluate your cart checkout process regularly. Maybe the process can be simplified or made faster.

Test, Evaluate and Repeat

Always test different options on your site. For instance change some colours add different shape button or change the placement of the buy button. There are analytics tools that can help you with these tests. They greatly simplify testing of design and layout changes to improve your sales.

Buying Should be Easy

Buying should as easy as possible. Nothing should be in customers way to fill in those credit card numbers, the process should be simple. Don’t use a lengthy checkout process, for example by filling in a lengthy user registration form xgenm3g. Shipping rates should be on the first pages, so people won’t leave during the checkout process. Provide a stimulus to potential customers, for example free shipping.

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