Six Membership Site and Services Models

Membership sites are definitely a way to go if you want to generate a recurring revenue stream online. We look at 6 ideas for sites and services that are right for this business-model.

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1. Content to Sell

A lot of people are in need of fresh content on a regular basis. So if you can provide this content for a membership site fee then you’re in business. Some examples:

  • A site that delivers fresh PLR articles (in limited edition form if possible.)
  • Graphics for websites, games and printed press.
  • Music or sound samples for all manner of projects.

This type of membership site may tend to generate a high turnover of paying members, because a lot of people lose interest in their “hobby” after a while. The good thing is that if some people are losing interest, there are already others to take the place of the once that have cancelled their subscription. Another great thing of this kind of model is that your site becomes more and more valuable over time, because of the products you keep adding. It’s a good model to make money online with.

2. Offer Cutting Edge Information

There are some industries that constantly change. Take for instance the internet marketing industry or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry. If you can offer your members cutting edge information than people are willing to pay a lot of money month after month. Of course it is imperative that you know your industry, that you are accurate and that you constantly keep learning yourself. (You have to do this to make new content for your users.) You can make a lot of money online if you can deliver what the people are searching for and if you can give them an edge on the competition with your information. Some examples:

  • Internet Marketing and SEO
  • Financial information, such as investing strategies.
  • Technology related such as computer programming tutorials or digital photography courses.
  • Business related.

3. Teaching a Skill

People are always looking for information and new things to learn online. And the good thing is they are willing to pay for it as long as the information is good. For instance there are a lot of people that like to learn a skill by example. A good thing is that there are a lot of skills that can be taught in project or course form. (Also think of using video in your course.) Some examples:

  • Art related – like painting, pottery or drawing.
  • Cooking – creating good meals or how to create cheap meals.
  • Computer Programming – game projects for example.
  • Flower Arranging – for weddings, birthdays, etc.
  • Handyman – things to do yourself around the house.

A good thing of this type of membership website, besides making money online, is that many industries have an unlimited number of projects that you could create to serve to your members. And new fresh content will keep your members happy.

4. Matching Services

People are always searching for the one true love or for just someone to hang with. More and more people use the internet to meet other people and to make that first initial contact. A dating service is one of the matching services you can setup lose belly fat fast. But there are a lot of other matching services you could setup to bring two people (or groups) together. Some example:

  • Friendship service.
  • Buyers and Sellers like eBay.
  • Recruitment Agencies to match employees to employers.
  • Hobby related.

There are a lot of ways to generate income from these types of sites. For instance for a monthly fee, on commission basis or for a finders fee. Another good thing is that people generate the content.

5. Tools and Services

With advances in web development technology and the fast access (broadband) to the internet that people have these days, more and more tools or services become web-based (for instance think of the Google apps or Microsoft announcement of a web-based office version.) So if you can create (or hire a programmer to do the work for you) a tool/service that provides a valuable service to people than you can charge a fee for the use. Some example:

6. Ask an Expert

The last membership site model to make money online with is the expert site model. For certain topics people like to have a coach or mentor to ask questions and to reflect ideas to. So if you are an expert in a certain field then this model is for you. This is a great way to convert your expert knowledge in to cash. Don’t only answer question, but try to build a community around the subject, with you as the expert in the center.

Any Others?

The membership website is a good model to make money online with. We have given you some examples, but I’m sure that there are lots more ideas that I haven’t thought of. Can you think of any? Then please leave a comment below.

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