Simple Time Management for Work from Home Parents

It’s hard these days to support a family with only one income; this is way many stay-at-home parents do some work from home. But as anyone with children knows, that doing work for money plus taking care of the household and children can be challenging, especially finding the time to do all the work. Without some planning, creativity and flexibility work won’t get done.

Structure Your Day
Without some kind of structure in your working day things won’t get done. You should create some key points in your day and work around them. For example, if there is a playgroup at twelve and pick up an older child from school at four, then you have some time to do work between twelve and four. Try to set structure so everybody knows at what time you do work and at what time you do household tasks (We know, we know, household tasks is also work, but we are here talking about payed work!)

Spontaneous Moments
If you can’t create structure, because you have a baby for instance, then you should grab those spontaneous moments. (Babies normally don’t have a routine, so creating a work structure around them can be very hard.) For instance if the baby takes a nap or at what ever other moment you think you can free an hour.

Household Chores
If your children still have a nap time during the day then you should do your payed work from home during those hours. The household chores you should do during the time when the children are awake. Get children involved with doing household chores from as young an age as possible so that everyone in the family helps keep the household running efficiently.

Me Time
Everyone knows that combining work from home, a household and taking care of young children can be very hard and stressful. So try to get one hour of ME time everyday. In this time you for instance read a book, talk with friends over the phone, sport or whatever you like to do. Normally you can only take an hour of ME time if your partner is home (for most this is during the evening.)

Very important: you should also explain and discuss the need of a “me time” hour with your partner. Maybe he/she also need some “me time”. (You can take turns every other day!)

Supporting Network
This is very important for a work from home parent. For instance a friend that also has children brings your children to school. You pick up your children and her children from school. Try to setup such a supporting network, this can free up so much time.

As you can see at the examples described above, without some planning you will probably fail or burned out in some point of time. But with some time management you can easily work from home and make some extra money for your family, but still being a home for your children!

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