Senior Consumers and Internet Business Websites

In the next couple of years the number of people that can be called senior citizens will increase tremendously, when the so called baby boomers will reach the age of 60-65. But old in age, doesn’t mean old in mind and spirit.

Many of the “new” senior citizens have used computers before and they have also ordered online before. Also many of them have a lot of money to spend. So if you own an internet business website then you have to make sure it is accessible and usable for senior consumers.

Cherish This Target Group
Many online entrepreneurs have forgotten this target group. Why do many of these “young” business owners think that most of the senior citizens can’t even find the “on-switch” of computer?

It’s a fact that many senior citizens have catch up with the younger generations, they make more use of computers than ever before. More and more of them are also shopping online. This is why online business owners should never forget this wealthy target group!

Tips for User-Friendly Websites
Of course many of the senior citizens have trouble with the always fast changing internet terminology. And entrepreneurs that have forgotten this target group are making it even worse, because many of their websites are not very user-friendly, especially for senior citizens.

Of course it is not that strange that the websites are not “senior-friendly”, because many of the websites are made by the younger generation who are used to the fast changing internet. Many of the actions we take for granted are for the beginning senior computer user not easy to comprehend, especially the websites that are stuffed full of moving and blinking information.

Below you will find some tips to make a website more accessible for not only the older generation, but for everyone:

1. Use a simple and easy recognisable website name and domain.

2. The ability to change font sizes.

3. Limit the options in the payment process. Too many options can confuse someone. The payment process should be plain and simple.

4. Give easy to understand error messages and solutions.

5. Don’t use technical jargon and terminology. Keep things easy to understand.

6. Keep flashy ads and parts to a minimum.

7. Some seniors have trouble with the mouse, so bear this in mind. For instance the link sizes.

8. Add a clear visible breadcrumb trail so that people can easily find there way back to previous pages.

9. Write short and to the point posts.

If senior citizens belong to your target audience then it is wise to make use of the described tips. A good starting point when you build a business website is: “Don’t make it harder then it is and don’t make it easier then it is.” Keep things simple!

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