Selling Seasonal Products – It’s starting sooner than you think!

Holiday decorations are going up earlier in stores with each passing year. Seasonal products – whether it are Halloween or Christmas related products – are appearing on the shelves long before the holiday is there. But how can you know when people are starting to search for these kinds of products? And how would you know when to start your advertisement campaign? In this article we will give you two methods to find answers to these questions!

Google Trends
The first method is by using Google Trends. For instance if you want to know when people are looking for “Santa Claus” you can use this tool. (On the top-right site you can select a year or region.)

As you can see at this picture of the year 2007 the search starts somewhere between October and November. That soon! So this is an ideal time to start your campaign for related “Santa Claus” products.

Another plus when you start your campaign early is that there is little competition and less competition means you pay less per click!

Google Insight for Search
The second method is by using Google Insight for Search. This tool will provide a more in-depth view than Google Trends.

You select region, month, year for your search. Another cool feature is on the lower-right and it’s called “Rising Searches.” These are search-terms that “rise” in popularity.

In Conclusion
When you sell seasonal products then these tools can be very valuable for your advertising strategy. Make sure you start advertising before the competition does! Play around with these tools and you will see how valuable the information can be.

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