Selling a Product Online

Developing a product and selling it are two different things. Selling a product online is different from selling it in the conventional ways of opening a store, passing them on to distributors, or consigning them for sale. You can either sell your own product online, or choose to sell an affiliate’s product. Whichever it is, you must be able to sell it effectively, and of course at a profit.

First off, it is impossible to market merchandise online without a website. A website serves as your online store where potential customers can view and choose the products, make orders and purchases, send payment, and also to forward feedback and consumer opinions. In simpler words, a website is what connects your online business to the target market.

There are various web hosting sites that offer excellent web creation, development, and management services. There are web hosts that offer free website creation services but these are not too reliable especially for well-established, modern businesses. The online business owner does not have full control over the website and is always faced with the fear that the web host might discontinue the free service at anytime. Therefore paid websites are always better because the internet business owner has full control over his site. Web hosting sites offer web site creation at prices depending on the features of the website. Also, a business site must have the means to accept payments online through debit or credit cards, or through PayPal, which has gained popular preference for online payments by internet businesses.

After a website has been created, it is now time to actually sell a product. The sales landing page must be attractive and able to hold the interest of the potential customers. Here, you can accentuate the features of your product as well as its strengths. If you are selling a brand of toothpaste, emphasize the fact that your product contains “teeth whiteners that also help in strengthening the teeth and the gum line”. If your product is an air freshener, create an introductory statement that speaks of the product as a good and environmentally-friendly choice.

Also, for advertising statements or spiels, use active verbs more than passive ones. “Get Whiter and Stronger Teeth in No Time” is better than “Whiter, Stronger Teeth is Better”. Active verbs connote action, and these are very compelling means to attract action.

Moreover, make your benefits as realistic as possible. If you promise big time, you have to make sure that your promises deliver; otherwise the clients will lose interest over the product on offer. Consumers can easily detect fraudulent products that exaggerate in benefits. If you are sure to deliver miraculous results, then you can afford to gamble. If however you are still in doubt, never cheat the public with pompous claims on your product.

Stressing the positive features of the product on the sales page itself will make the site visitors more aware of what the product actually has to offer. For an air freshener product, it might be helpful to stress on the following: the variety of scents it offers, the number of hours it keeps a room smelling fresh, added benefits like being environmentally-safe and using more natural ingredients, and how long the product has been on the market. The landing page should at least state the basic and most important product facts that the consumer wants to know. This will create brand awareness which will then help consumers determine which are better choices, or which is the best one.

Now, make a conscious effort to sell the product but not in a way that is too overbearing. You should be able to guide them through the navigation of the site and into the site button where they can make purchases. Asking for the visitor’s email address is also one way to gain prospective customers. Once they give their email addresses, your website can send them articles or newsletters regularly for them to be updated on the product.

Advertising your product is also a big part of the entire marketing process. You can hire affiliate marketers to do this, or advertise through Pay Per Click Advertising. Choosing the most relevant and most effective keywords will be very helpful in attracting more site visits. Also, you can engage in promotional activities to market your online business. You can choose from a variety of promotional items, and have your business site and contact number printed on the items. Moreover, article marketing is also one effective way to gain increased traffic. By submitting well-written, concise, and error-free articles, article submission sites will publish the articles and provide a resource box at the bottom of the article. The resource box contains the name of the author and his featured business site. Whenever someone reads the article, he can also view the site of the author. This helps establish brand credibility and seeks to inform the consumers on the existence of the product, its advantages, and generally on how it can be a better choice among the competition.

Selling a product online can be a success, with the right combination of a competitive product, great website, and excellent marketing efforts.

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