Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

To earn money with a website it is imperative that you have a high search engine ranking. The problem is that no one knows exactly what techniques search engines are using to determine the ranking of websites.

There are many sites that claim that they can get you top level ranking if you buy there service. Don’t believe them!

There are some optimization techniques that can be used by you. These techniques have proven to provide great results. Search engine optimization is something that is frequently changing but if you learn at least the basics you won’t go wrong.

Search engine optimization means that you have to change you website in order to get a top search engine placement. This means:

  • link building (from your site to others and from others to you)
  • right keyword density on pages
  • creating a lot of content (the more the better)
  • clean html code

So let’s take a step by step look at the techniques you control:

Step 1 – Domain Many “experts” say that having your keyword in the URL is very important. In our opinion this doesn’t matter any more. The only thing that it’s good for that people can remember the URL easier.

Step 2 – META Tags These are the two most important and easiest things you can do. The code that really needs to be right are the title tag and description tag. Make sure that the title of a page is to the point. (Don’t add to much extra). You also have to make sure that every page has its own unique title and description. The description should contain keywords that are used in the title. Here is an example:

<title>Search engine optimization</title>
<META NAME=”description” content=”Getting top search engine results with search engine optimization”>

The keyword META tag is not as important any more as used to be. The keyword META tag should contain the keywords that are used in the title, description and the keywords that are used in the page.

Step 3 – Keyword Saturation The number of times a keyword shows up on each page is very important. The phrase keyword saturation refers to the number of times your keyword shows up on any given page. Make sure that every page has its own (different) main keyword. But you have to be careful that you do not over do it. (About ten times every five hundred words).

Step 4 – Bold and Underline The tags bold and underline show the search engine spiders that the text inside them deserves more attention. As with the keywords don’t over do it. Another tag you can use is strong.

Step 5 – Link, link, link As said before you should make links to other websites and you should ask the web master of that website for a link back. The more other websites link to you, the higher your page-ranking will be! The best links are those that are on the same topics as yours. The search engine will find these links of more importance.

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