Scheduling WordPress Posts as Part of a Business System

In a recent post we talked about making money online and the need of business systems. In this post we look at a simple business system example, one that every blogger is able to duplicate.

If you are like us then you write many articles at the same time or even better you take a part of your advertisement profit and ask a freelance writer to write a batch of articles for you.

You could post these articles one at a time but there is an even better method!

To save time you could post them all at once but you schedule them to appear on blog on a future date. This way you can have a blog post each day and only do the work of posting once a week or month (depending how much articles you have of course.) This will save you a lot of time that you can spend on other things such as; finding affiliates, writing more articles or e-books, managing your AdWords program, SEO or on marketing your website.

Now let’s take a look how you schedule a post:

1. Make your article ready for posting.

2. Before you hit publish go to the Timestamp option on the right site.

3. Edit the date to a future date.

4. Click Publish, to at the post to the schedule.

5. Go to the WordPress Dashboard, there you will see the article appear under Scheduled Entries.

6. Repeat the steps for all your articles, each time changing the date by one day.

Some tips regarding scheduling:

1. Schedule them on the same time each day. This way the visitors can get used to a certain time.

2. From time to time check if the articles where posted.

3. After scheduling all the post it is wise to make backup of the database.

And that is it! You are now free to do other things and in the mean time you make money from your automatic posted articles. Invest the profits in new articles and round and round you go. You will see your blog will grow much faster, with less work!

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