Scheduled Maintenance on your Business Website

In previous posts we have often talked about that every business or freelancer need to have their own website, regardless of the preferred method to make money online. Having your own website will give your business a more professional feel. Just as important as having your own website is the need to run regular maintenance checks on it.

There are things that can be done on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. If you don’t schedule for maintenance on a regular basis your business website could have a lot of problems in the long turn.

Weekly Business Website Maintenance
To keep the traffic flowing to you business website then you need to add unique and fresh content almost every day. But you also need to update the content of the “old” pages.

Go through a couple of the older pages each week to check if there is a problem or to add things that can help with SEO. (Things to check for are: spelling errors, W3C valid code and html optimization such as the proper use of Alt, Title and H tags.) Also make sure that the links to other websites are still working.

Monthly Business Website Maintenance
You need to do a monthly sitemap check, to ensure that each and every page you’ve added weekly is submitted to the search engines. (Remember that Google is not the only search engine out there!).

You also take a closer look at your navigation and layout of your site. Maybe you can add a link in an “old” page to a newer page that is complementary to that “old” page.

If your business website has a blog then you can maybe add a page with grouped older posts. Make and add lists of posts that are complementary to each other and add a special feature box in the sidebar. (Be creative with the “older” content that you have added, because a lot of traffic will be new traffic and many of them want to read older posts.)

Refresh all the passwords on your business website on a monthly basis, especially admin passwords.

You also need to check all your forms that you use on your website, are they all working properly?

Yearly Business Website Maintenance
A year past and you have probably gained a lot of new knowledge. At least once a year you should take a closer look at the layout and the total feel of the website. Maybe it’s time for a new theme or a different layout. Maybe you can add some new graphics that will make your website look even more professional!

In Conclusion
Doing maintenance on your business or freelance website is really a must. Things can go wrong and things are also changing so fast online, that without a scheduled maintenance your business or freelance website will quickly lose its value!

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