Scale your Business and Automate Income

If you currently happy with the size of your business and with how much money you make then this post isn’t for you. But if you want to grow your business and also want to automate your income then please read on!

Below you will find some tips and strategies to scale your business, increase your profit by adding automated income streams.

Product Your Services
A good way to automate and scale your income is to make a product of your service. Of course not all service providers want to offer products alongside their service. But there are many service providers out there who want to scale their business, but don’t think it’s possible to offer products as a service provider.

But you can, it is not that hard. For instance the simple way is to create an eBook, video seminars or e-course that will teach people how to program, do marketing or whatever service your provide.

Of course the product should not replace you as a service provider, but rather complement your service. This way people can do the easy tasks themselves after they have bought your product, but they have to return to you, if they want to have done more complicated things.

The result will be that you can make money online from your products and service.

Partner Up
Scaling your business and automating your income can be done in many ways. For instance another way is to partner up with other service providers that a client would also hire alongside you and the other way around of course. For example, you are a website programmer then you can partner up with a graphics designer and/or writer.

Once you have landed a client then it’s fairly easy to up-sell to these additional services. Of course you will only up-sell to your partner if they pay you a commission. This way you get additional income and if they do the same you get more clients.

If you want to increase your business, but don’t want to work more hours then consider outsourcing. Find some freelancers that you trust (because you have seen their work) and outsource the projects to these freelancers.

The advantage between outsourcing and working with partners is that you still are working under your company name. With the result that you still get the brand recognition, reputation and testimonials for your portfolio. The best thing of course is that you can take on more work, with as a result more money.

This is just some strategies you can do to scale your business and automate your income. Make sure you plan before you execute to make sure that you will be successful!

Please leave a comment if you know of a good way to scale your business!

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