Saving Money is Easy – Make it a Priority

Saving money is not a matter of math. It is a mindset and a choice! You will not save money when the car is paid off or the kids are grown. You will only save money if you choose to save money. You will only save money when it becomes an emotional priority.

Everybody knows that they need some savings, but most people don’t save like they know that they need to save. The problem is that for most of us saving has not a high enough priority. We rather purchase the dvd, pizza, iPhone or an iPod. So we consume and consume, until there is nothing left and then we say things like, “We don’t make enough to save any money”. Wrong, we DO make enough to save money; we just don’t want to stop buying. We rather go in debt before we stop consuming.

No matter what you make – you can save money. So stop wasting money; use your old phone instead of buying a new iPhone, use an old mp3 player or buy a cheap one instead of an iPod. Everybody can save an X amount each month. You just need to change your priorities; are you going to save or consume.

If a doctor told you that a family member is very ill or dying and can only be saved with a $7000 operation that can be performed in 8 months. Could you then save $7000 in 8 months? Of course you can, you would do everything you can to make $7000. You make saving the number one priority! You would work night and day if you have to. Why should you wait until it is too late. Start saving today and then when someone needs something as described above, you have the money. So make up you’re mind and start saving today.

There is NO saving secret! Everybody can start saving; you only need to keep the emotions in check. You start saving money when you make it a priority, and that can ONLY be done when you get some healthy anger or fear and then focus that emotion on your personal decisions. You need to harness that emotion and move yourself to the top of the creditors list. Pay yourself first!

Don’t believe advertisers or the marketing community that say that you need that product. They are in the business of making us believe that our wants are needs. They are in business of trying to affect you’re emotions. So when you see that next commercial of that hot new product, ask yourself: do I want it or do I need it. Try to keep you emotions in check.

Just make a choice and make saving your highest priority! So whether you are saving for college tuition, retirement or anything else, start saving today! It’s never to late!

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