Saving Money at Christmas

In a couple of weeks it will be Christmas.
For most families these are one of the most expensive weeks of the year.

So why don’t you try to do your Christmas shopping early this year and try to implement some of the saving tips below.

Saving Money on Christmas Cards:

1. The first one is simple: don’t send Christmas cards.
2. Cut your list in half! For instance: only send to people that always send you one.
3. Use old Christmas cards. Cut the front of the Christmas card (pretty side) and send it as a postcard.
4. Buy Christmas cards in December. That is the period that they are on sale.
5. Instead of sending a Christmas card, why don’t you make a short phone call? It’s much more personal.

Less Money on Wrapping the Presents:

1. If someone loves comics, why don’t you use the comic section of your newspaper as wrapping paper?
2. Make your own gift tags (it’s even fun, at least if you do it weeks before you need them.)
3. Use old (saved) wrapping paper.
4. Make your own bows and ribbons from cheap material, instead of buying the expensive ones.

Save Money on Christmas Decorations:

1. Don’t decorate with expensive things!
2. Buy your decorations close to the holidays.
3. Make your own Christmas decorations. Use pinecones, etc that you find in the forest or park.
4. Make your own Christmas ornaments or better yet let children make them. (Save the nice once each year.)

Saving Money on Christmas Meals:

1. Some grocery stores are offering great deals during the holidays.
2. Use store brands on side dishes.
3. Prepare less food then usual. (Too much food is wasted during the holidays.)
4. Compare prices!!!

Save money on Christmas Entertainment:

1. Rent a DVD instead of going to the movies.
2. Unplug the game console and get out the old board games.
3. Bake cookies with your children.
4. Go see Christmas light in your area. (Take the car or even better walk!)

Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!

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