Save Money with a Super Therm White Roof

To help reduce climate change and to save money on your energy bill you can paint your roof white. Of course you can not use any paint, for this job you need special paint called Super Therm.

Super Therm paint is designed with three separate ceramics. Two are reflective and the other acts as a dead air space between the coating surface and the substrate. The result is an actual insulating coating (not just a reflective coating) that will help reduce your energy costs on heating and air-conditioning. Of course you to make an investment, but after some time you will save energy and money.

Note: in some countries you need to have special permission to make changes to your house (even if you own it!) So check local rules before you pick up the brush!

Edmund Haemmerle of NJ Renewable Energy made a YouTube video of his paint-job. Watch it and see how much it helps:

More info on Super Therm paint can be found here.

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