Save Money with a Home Energy Audit

There are many ways to save money as you can see in the save money category. But there are also ways to do something for the environment and in the process save some money. What’s better then that? In this new category Green Money we will look at ways to save money, but also at ways to help reduce global warming.

A great way to save money and to do something for the environment is to reduce your energy bill. So before you start changing things in your home, a great way to start is to do an home energy audit. At the end of the audit you get a report with things you can change to help reduce your energy bill. Of course improvements cost money, but they will tell you exactly which things have a quick ROI (return of investment) and when you start saving money on the energy bill.

Edmund Haemmerle of NJ Renewable Energy provides a detailed tour of his home weatherization project on Youtube. Take a look below:

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