Save Money on Game Purchases

If you like to play video games then you’ve probably bought many games over years. Face the fact that it’s “game over” for a lot of those pricey video games. But there is a way to make some money from those video games that are gathering dust in closet.

To save money next time you want to buy a new video game than you should check out places that run trade-in programs. These allow you to turn in old games to help fund new purchases, thus saving money on purchases you probably had bought anyway.

To get the most value for your trades with these tips:

  • Look for any online promotions for trade-ins. For instance had an offer for 50% off (offer expires on 18 July 2009.)
  • Try to trade in as many games as possible at the same time to boost the total trade-in credit amount.
  • Always save the original boxes and other inserts when you buy new games. When you trade-in a game with the original you can get a slightly larger amount.
  • Unless you’re desperate for quick cash, you’re better off taking store credit. In many stores you get an added bonus if you take store credit.

Some place to online trade-in those old games to save money on new games and accessories are:

Many cities also have local stores (without an online presence) that offer a discount to trade-in games, thus saving you money on mail send costs if you go to a store in your own town.

So don’t let those old games go to waste and save you some money on new purchases.

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