Save Money by Only Using Cash this Christmas

It can be hard to save money and live on a budget, especially during a holiday season. But in these economic troubling times it is maybe wise to watch your spending. Besides that, going into unmanageable debt so that you can buy gifts for everyone is not what Christmas is about!

We know, we know, you’ve worked hard this year and you just want to have a nice Christmas and don’t watch every penny you spend during the holiday. But if you haven’t been saving for the holiday all year, you will probably use a credit card to finance your shopping and other activities.

To save money this Christmas and to have your spending in control is maybe wise to only use cash this holiday season.  By only using cash, instead of credit cards, you know how much money is going out! That way you don’t get that January big surprise when you receive the credit card bill. This way you still can spend money, but you’ll always know how much is going out and if you really can afford spending money on a particular gift.

And think about it, do you really think that the people who really love you expect from you that you put yourself or your family into financial trouble, just so that they receive a gift. We don’t think so!

If you haven’t been saving for holiday shopping all year then talk to your spouse and agree on a budget (one that you can afford) for December. Get the money in cash and only use the money you’ve agreed on!

Give yourself and your family a big financial advantage next year, by making this holiday less elaborate and by only using cash! Start saving in January for the next Christmas holiday season.

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