Save $2K in one Year With These 10 Tips

You can save a lot of money with very little pain or deprivation by just doing things smart and by save on little things. Below you’ll find 10 easy tips that can help you save money and help you on your way to save at least $2K in one year on your families budget.

Before you start you have to make sure that you keep track of your savings and your spending’s. You can find free software on the Internet that can help with this, but writing down your savings in a little notebook (that you can put in your pocket) works just as well.

Scale Down to One Car

Of course not everyone can do this, but more and more families have more than one car, so they can do this. It takes it little planning and time to lay out a schedule, but the savings are worth the effort. You’ll save on car payments, insurance, gas and of course maintenance. You will see that you will save a lot of money.

Stretch Liquid Makeup

All the women know that makeup can be really expensive, but good quality makeup is usually worth the price. Of course you can buy cheaper line of makeup, but you can also do what the pros do at the makeup counter. And it is very simple; just apply your makeup with a Q-tip. You save not only by using less with each application, but you can also reach every last bit in the bottle.

Bargain with your Hairdresser

You don’t have to always pay what they are asking for. So try to bargain with your hairdresser for the price. I know, some of you are a little scared to hackle, but you can save a lot of money. What do you have to lose? Just ask for an reduction in price on a thing you always have done, for instance on highlights. Just say you can’t afford it no longer and ask for a lower price or ask if they use a different product to lower the price. As we said before; what do you have to lose? Just give it a go!

Money Saving on Pedicures

Try saving money on pedicures by stretching the time between pedicures by doing touch ups yourself. Instead of once every two weeks, try to go once every 3 or 4 weeks. Of course, you can do the same as with your hairdresser and that is asking for a lower price.

Another thing you can do to stretch the weeks between getting pedicures in the salon, is too host a “pedicure party.” Just ask some close friends and with some wine/snacks and talk of course, do each others nails. Fun and it will save you money!

Taste Wine for Less

Not everyone drinks wine with their dinner, but for those that do know that drinking wine can be come quite expensive. To save money you can buy those little 4-packs of wine. Instead of spending $20 dollar on a bottle, you can buy a four pack for only $7,99 which will last two meals. Note: it may some time before you’ll find a brand that meets your taste.

Save with NetFlix

If you go a lot to the movies than you can save money if you join Netflix (especially if your family has a lot of members.) Go only to the theater when it’s a movie you want to see right away, otherwise wait until its on DVD.

Own Drinks at Work

If you are a smart saver, then you are probably taking your lunch to work. Do you also take your own drinks or snacks to work? Everybody knows that all the things in the vending machines are overpriced if you compare it with the price of a bulk-pack in the supermarket. And even little savings can add up overtime.

You can also drink coffee before you go to work instead of buying those expensive coffee from a coffee-shops. If you don’t buy at these places, then you’ll save a couple of dollars everyday. And this can add up!

Phone Bills

If you’re such a person that is constantly talking on your cell phone, then this solution isn’t for you. But with some discipline, you can save a lot of money. A lot of people don’t use all the minutes on their monthly plan and in turn are wasting a lot of money. Look at your minutes that you call and see if you can’t save money if you change to a different contract. Only buy what you need, can save you a lot of money.

Using Coupons

Of course you know that you can save money by using coupons, but have you ever one into a store and kicked yourself because you don’t have the coupons with you? A tip: keep all your coupons in the car, because in most cases you’ll take the car to the store, so you will always have them.

Save Money on Long Distance

A lot of people have a cell phone and a land line. If you don’t like paying for long distance service, you can buy phone cards. The cost can vary, but it will be around 2.90 cents per minute. Another way to save money is to cancel one of the phone service (cell or land line.)

Note: if you cancel the land line, make sure that your cell phone is always charged, in case of emergency you need to be able to call the emergency services.

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