Promote your Information Products with YouTube

The only way to make money online with information products is by promoting these information products online. There are several ways to do this. Today we look at some of these ways.

Own Website
This is an easy one, you need of course a website/blog to sell your information products, but you can also use your website or blog to promote the same products.

For instance with each blog post you write about your products you also letting the blog community know about your products. So write about them or even better let users that bought them write about the products. Reviews from others are always doing well.

AdWords Campaign
Another way to promote your information products to make money online is to setup an AdWords campaign. With the ads you create you can drive traffic to your landing pages of the information products you are trying to promote.

Another way to promote your information products is to make a video about them and post the videos on YouTube. For instance you can make an instructional video about one of your products.

Some important things to remember when posting the video:

  • A static picture in the video (will be showed when the video stands still.)
  • Use the right tags
  • Submit the video to the correct category is very important
  • The title of the video should reflect the contents of the video

So give it a go and make some promotional videos about your information products and post them on YouTube. You can find some Tools to Create Video Information Products here.

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