Online Profit with Parked Domain Names

Not everybody knows this but there is money to be made with parked domain names. Not everybody knows how it is done so we will explain this simple concept:First you need to come up with a domain name that is not used by another person. (Choosing a name that might be of interest to others maybe hard to come up with.) After you came up with a unique name, you need to register this domain name. A last thing you have to do is to park it by a domain parking company.

The domain parking service will create a website (normally a pre-build site) for your domain. Usually this web page will contain ads, a search box and links. Some domain parking services will even add relevant articles and content to the parked page.

Some domain parked services will share ad revenue with you. While others allow you to display your AdSense ads and you can keep 100% of the AdSense commission.

The cost for parking a domain is usually less than $4 monthly.

The only thing you have to do is wait and hope that someone has interest in the domain that you own.

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