Newsletters – for short term or long term thinking

One of the most important tools of the internet marketer is the newsletter. If you take a look at the newsletters of some of the top companies then you will notice that they are used for one thing only, generating SALES. Most of them are full of new products or services. Most of these companies use the short term thinking newsletter. They don’t have to build a bond with the newsletter reader; they just want to sell something NOW.

This is not a bad thing, but readers also like something else then new products, they like some value. For instance: tips or tutorials about the use of a product of that company.

The big companies can use short term thinking newsletters because there customer base is usually huge. People are signing up for the newsletter all the time, so if they loose a few newsletter readers (because not all people like these type of newsletter, full of new products, services or ads) it doesn’t matter.

Small businesses don’t have a very large customer base. So loosing newsletter readers (and thus future buyers), because of to much ads, is a big thing for a small businesses. This is why small businesses should build a bond with the readers they have and make use of the long term thinking newsletter.

With the long term thinking newsletter you are trying to build a bond with the readers. You offer them a value, like tips, tutorials, free things or services, etc. You hope that they will keep reading the newsletters and don’t unsubscribe after a few times. (Note: always offer unsubscribe option, otherwise you are spamming and this is always bad for business in the long run.)

Of course such newsletter doesn’t have to contain only tips. A good mixture of products and tips will also work. (Note: not every subscriber base is the same, so run some tests, to determine how much ads or how much tips is working best.)

So take another look at your newsletter, are you offering a value (like tips) to the newsletter readers? If not, add them and you will be amazed by the results. The most important thing you can do in email marketing is adding value and making them feel welcome!

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