Moving a Domain? Google is Helping!

Moving a domain to a new URL, anyone who has ever done it knows how annoying and dangerous such a move can be. Page rankings are lost, pages can’t be found anymore and so on.

But Google wouldn’t be Google if they not where trying to make things easier for the average webmaster. From of now it is possible to tell Google that you are moving a domain. Of course you still have to take care of the necessary redirects, but being able to tell the largest search engine that the domain is moving is definitely great step forward!

Google Webmaster Tools

Google is offering this new feature in their special program for webmasters name Google webmaster tools. Of course you need an account with your websites already added before you can change an address of a website. You can find the move feature under site configuration-> change of address (see image below).

Another great new feature is a list of common keywords found on your website. This can be found under Your site on the web -> Keywords.

Address Change

After you’ve clicked the link change of address you’ll see the following screen:

Change address in google webmaster tools

Change address in google webmaster tools

Of course it’s very important that you do everything right. For this you can use the moving your site help page.


The new features that Google added to their webmaster tools are great and it shows that they really are trying to make things easier for customers. They understand the frustration that come with moving a domain and they have tried to do something about it.

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