Mobile Marketing – Who will get better from it?

After online marketing (through e-mail and internet ads) mobile marketing by mobile phone is the largest growing market for communication about products, services and businesses.

In next couple of years the use of mobile applications will grow exponentially. That is why you as a business owner should look now if you can’t use the mobile phone in your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at some example applications and how you could communicate with customers:

  • A laundry business could send a free SMS (text message) to the customer if the order is ready to pick up.
  • Discotheques could send out VIP invitations. If the customer shows the secret personal code at the entrance, they can go in for free.
  • An employment agency could send a SMS (text message) to a person in search of employment if there is a job offer that could be right for that person.

As a marketer you should embrace these types of applications, because they can improve customer service a lot. But…there is hiding a danger below the surface.

The communication through SMS (text message) will enter private atmosphere of the customer, even more than with e-mail. The respect for the privacy of customers is crucial for the future of mobile marketing and this should be a real worry!

The change that your mobile telephone number along with other contact information will end up in some database will get greater and greater in the future. The step to spamming is very small. Take for instance the following examples:

  • A fitness club is sending promotion of the month text message to their customers.
  • A clothes shop sends a text message where they promote a fire sale.

Here we could make the comparison with newsletters. But if the message through e-mail or SMS (text message) only will be used for promotion purposes then in the long run it will only bother the customer than having a value to the customer. Then your mobile marketing efforts will only do harm instead of good!

A better way could be to combine the two types of examples we have given. Take a look at the example:

  • A laundry business sends a free SMS (text message) to the customer if the order is ready to pick up, but also mentions that they have a price off sales this week. Of course in the hope that customer brings additional laundry when they pick up their other laundry.

This way you combine practical use (ready to pick-up the laundry) with a promotional message in one SMS. This way it is of value to the customer and your business. We think that this is the only way that mobile marketing will survive.

In Conclusion
Mobile marketing will open new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, as long as they respect the privacy of the customers and only use the service if they are delivering a service of value to the customers. If mobile marketing is only used to send ads people will never give their mobile number to any business ever again.

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