Making Money Online with Your Skills

With the skills you have developed over the years you can make money online from the internet. The idea is to provide your skills to others through the internet for a price. Especially if your skills are technical you can make easy money online, because there are a large number of people online who need technical expertise and who are willing to pay for it. Below you can find three steps which can help you turning your skills into cash:

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1. Find your Skill
This is of course the obvious one and this one shouldn’t be difficult. In fact we bet that you already know what best skill you possess.  You have to remember that skills that can earn you money are skills that can help people save time, solve a problem or save them money.

The following skills are always in high demand:

  • Technical – programming, software installation, maintenance, testing, etc
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – link building, website optimization, etc
  • Web and Graphics design – website building, (blog) theme design, logo design, etc
  • Writing – article writing, copywriting, ghost-writing, blog posts writing, etc

Most of the described skills are related to e-commerce and internet marketing, because these things are always in demand.

2. Product or Service
Once you have found your skill you can look at some of the freelance websites (such as or to find a job that you can do with your skill.

Another way is to create your own product, such as an e-book, guide or software program.

After making the product you can try to sell those products online to make money online.

Of course you can also offer your skills as a service, for instance you can become a freelance writer and make money online that way. (You don’t even have to have a website as a freelance writer, although it may help. You can also e-mail to blog or website owners offering them some articles or posts for a fee, of course.)

3. Start a business
Instead of offering your skill on freelance websites, you could also start your own business to make money online. It is not as hard as it looks. With a little planning and a lot of hard work you can start an online business.

Tip: make sure that you have your own domain name, never use domain names from for example

Setting up your own website isn’t that hard, but if you don’t possess those skills then don’t worry, there are a lot of people only that can help. A lot of free help can be found in the many forums online or you can always hire a professional (from for instance

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