Making Money on eBay

Are you the person that likes to shop around and find unique items and bargains? Are you the flea market pursuer that knows a good find when you see it? Why don’t you try to sell these finds on eBay and make a profit?

There are many people that are making a good living through selling stuff on eBay. Why don’t you!

First shop and then sell. This must be the ultimate “work at home” job.

Hunt for bargains
Most people start by selling unwanted goods that they have lying around in their homes. You know what I mean, clutter! Start by selling these items first. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter, you did not spend any money so you won’t loose any either.
This will teach you some important lessons:

    ♦ You now know what sells and what cannot be sold
    ♦ How the selling process works
    ♦ How to present the items
    ♦ How to write the truthful accompanying description (Be honest!)
    ♦ How much shipping cost to each region
    ♦This is an important one: which items will make money!

But after a while, all your items are sold and you need new items. So where do you find new items? This is easy; hit the Saturday morning’s yard sales and flea markets. But remember you have to go EARLY to find the best products. The best time is when the merchants are setting up shop!

Spend a set amount of money on items that you know will do well in any auction.

Prepare your deal!
After you have bought several items and you spend your set amount of money, you are ready to prepare the items for your eBay auctions.

By “prepare” we mean:

    ♦ Cleaning the items
    ♦ Polishing (silver) items (don’t polish old items!)
    ♦ Fixing things that are fixable
    ♦ Preparing for a photo

After you prepared the items the only thing you have to do is to take pictures of the items. Display an item in a nice surrounding when you take the photo. Also you need to record any serial numbers or take a picture of some identifying mark. So you can prove exactly which item you have sold/shipped.

The last thing you have to do before you can setup the eBay auction is to write a truthful description and to set your price.

Tip: Before you start an auction, take a look at auctions that are trying to sell similar products. What is there description, presentation, how high is the asking price, what are the bids on that item and how high are they.

When you have done the things we describe above, you must ask yourself: Can my price be lower then theirs and can I still make a profit?

If your price is a little lower then any other similar item on eBay, yours will be sold more quickly, because you are not the only one who likes bargains!

You are now prepared to upload your description and photo on eBay.

We hope you make some great sales and large profits.

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