Make Money Uploading CDs to iPods for Other People

Apple Computer’s iPods are everywhere these days, and they’re hungry. With the ever-increasing storage capacity of the iPods, the days of saving your large (old) CD collection to your iPod is a viable option. But anyone who has tried to save a CD on an iPod knows that it is not a pleasant way to spend your time.

Catherine Kean, 24, who started the business found out that many people think this way. She found this niche because an acquaintance offered her $500 to load his CD collection onto his iPod. Keane took the offer and determined that more people would pay for such a service.

Loosely based on what its first client paid, HungryPod charges $1.75 per CD for the first 50 CDs, and $1.50 for each additional CD. Keane will pick up both the CDs and iPods at her clients’ homes or offices in Manhattan for an extra $15 – unless they have more than 100 discs, in which case pickup is free. HungryPod has expanded to three employees and four computers, and has annual sales that exceed $100,000.

You have to agree this is a brilliant idea! She saw a potential market for a service and she set-up a business that makes a nice annual sale.

But as you can see this is (for now) a local business. So why don’t set-up something similar in your local town or country. I think this is an ending business (because in the future people will only download music) but for the next couple of years you could earn enough for a nice annual salary.

So start your iPod business today!

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