Make Money Online Writing “How to” Articles

If you are one of those writers who are looking for ways to make money online, then you should definitely take a look at writing articles for eHow. The more traffic you can drive to your eHow articles the more money you can earn.

Many eHow users have reported to make several hundred dollars a month, after less than a year of creating an eHow profile and writing! This is another excellent way to earn residual income.

A good way to make money from an article is by doing some research before you write about a specific subject. You should pick a topic where not many people have written about.

An example: many have written about “How to Bake Cookies.” So if you would write a how-to with the same title and subject then your article will be buried under hundreds of other articles. But if you write an article about “How to Bake Golden Chocolate Treasure Cookies” you will get more targeted traffic. You need to stand out of the crowd to make serious money!

A little warning for people that think that they will make a lot of money per article, this is not true! Also it will take some while to create a decent income stream. For example an article may only make between 1 and 3 dollars a month (more is also possible!) So you need at least hundred articles to make a decent profit.

As you can see, it is another great way to create a passive income stream. If you want to make money online, you should look at the many different ways that there are available and never rely on one income stream! Create as many as you can.

Note: you need to become a member before you can sign up for the eHow Writer Compensation Program. Registration is free!

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