Make Money Online with Information Products

Many people make a good living by selling (their own) ebooks or other information products online. Making and selling information products are so popular because:

  • In most cases there is no physical shipping. (Less work)
  • In most cases products are delivered electronically. (Less cost)
  • Almost no delivery cost (emails or website download)
  • Ebooks / CD’s (ISO format if delivered electronically) are easy to create.
  • We all have expertise about something.
  • Very low learning curve.

Make your offer stand out!

But with so many people making or selling ebooks or other information products online, how can you stand out of the crowed with your offer? Take a look at the tips below:

1) Good content

The first one is obvious; your product must contain good content. If your product is good, people will tell friends about your product and thus you will sell more!

2) Bonuses

An effective way to add value to your offer is to add a bonus. Ideally, you want to throw in a few bonuses with your offer. These bonuses should compliment your main information product. These bonuses should also contain unique content. Never give away bonuses that your competitors also give away. Put a valid (retail) price on the bonuses, for example: the retail value of all X ebooks: $100!

3) Your offer must be better

Your offer must be better than your competitors. This doesn’t mean your price has to be lower than your competitors price. If your offer is almost the same as the competitors offer than add more bonuses. So deliver more then your competitors. Remember, the more value your visitors see in your information product the more sales you will make.

4) Present professionally

Make sure that your information product is presented professionally. Ebook covers, ebook layout, sales page, the website, etc, etc; they should all look professional. If you can’t do something yourself – making a good looking cover for instance – then hire a freelancer that can deliver quality. Better spend some money for a good product then deliver a product that is of poor quality.

If you follow these simple tips then you will make more sales and thus more money!

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