Make Money Online with EBook Directories

If you look in different forums you often see people looking for the “one” good opportunity to make money online. But if you think about it, then there is not only “one” method, there are several opportunities that can get you a lucrative income online. One of these methods we like to discuss today. This method can make you good money online in a short term.

The method we like to discuss is making money online from eBook directories!

Finding Topics
The first step is finding a number of different topics. Ten topics are enough for now! (We will explain later, why you need ten topics.) Topics can be found at numerous places, for example: in a newspaper, online communities like forums or social sites, search engines, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Answer and in many other places. Pick the once that get the most response from people, these are the interesting ones!

Writing the EBooks
Once you have your ten topics, start writing your EBooks. Each EBook should cover a topic from A to Z and should be 20-30 pages long. After you have created the ten EBooks, you have to add affiliate links in these EBooks. (Affiliate links you can get from for example.) Note that the affiliate links have to relate to the topic of that EBook. This is how we going to make money online by using affiliate links!

After writing the EBooks you have to make an attractive cover for each EBook. This will make each EBook look more interesting. It also shows people what they are getting. Make sure the EBook has a catchy title! (Note: An EBook that has a good cover will attract more people to download and more downloads make you more money!)

EBook Directories
Now that your creation process has finished, you can start submitting the ten EBooks to EBook directories. Find as many EBook directories as possible (Google Search) and submit your ten EBooks to all of them.

The Result
Once you have submitted all the EBooks to the directories, you will see that people start to download them. The more people that download your EBooks the more change you have that someone will click and buy an affiliate product, thus making you money online.

Why ten EBooks?
The more EBooks you have the better, but ten is a good start. If you earn $10 a day from one EBook, then you will make an income of $100 a day. This is a good start to a full-time income. After writing your first ten EBooks you can start another batch of 5 to 1o EBooks and repeat the process, thus your daily revenue will increase.

Some last Tips
You can also use the affiliate links on your website, to earn even more commission. On your website you could also put AdSense, which potentially can make you even more money.

Never put all your eggs in one basket think multiple stream of income!

You could also rewrite the EBooks that are popular and expand these EBooks to full size EBooks. (So, each EBook gets more pages!) These EBooks (without the affiliate links) you can sell as information products, using your website or you can find affiliates that do the selling for you (becoming an affiliate provider.)

After a while, you will make enough money online for a full time income.
The harder you work the more money you will make!

Get the Free EBook “How to Make Money Online!” from this site. See the sidebar. And no, there are no affiliate links in this EBook!

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One Response to “Make Money Online with EBook Directories”

  1. marketingtips on April 15th, 2008 07:52

    Good post on how to make money online by Ebook directories.
    The list you provided on how to write ebooks by selecting 10 topics which will find good response,adding affiliate links,making an attractive cover for each EBook and submitting the ten EBooks to EBook directories is really helpful for people who are looking to make money online by selling their products.