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One of the most powerful internet marketing methods for building an email opt-in list is publishing a newsletter. With this email opt-in list you can make money online by sending not only newsletters with affiliate links, but also other emails with affiliate products or services to earn affiliate commissions.

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You can’t just start sending emails with affiliate links in them. You first need to build a “relationship” with your newsletter readers before they trust you enough that they will click your affiliate links.

You need to create an effective newsletter campaign before you start sending emails with affiliate links in them to your email opt-in list. If you do this right you can really improve the performance of your affiliate marketing business.

Below you will find some tips for creating and running a newsletter:

1. Content of your Newsletter
The content of the newsletters that you send should be targeted at one niche. For example: if your niche is about “internet marketing” then you should avoid sending newsletters about “programming”. The subscriber’s only want content that is directly relevant to the subject they have signed up for.

Of course you can advertise another niche site that you have (with a link for instance), but only send information or articles about this second niche if they have opt-in on that website. Keep your opt-in lists separated!

2. Create you own Content
A newsletter is an excellent why to help you build your own reputation. If people think that you are an expert in a specific field they will trust your opinion. This will help you tremendous if you try to make money online with your affiliate links.

Try to write your own content, keep it original and on the niche topic. Of course you can use freelance writers to write some articles for you, but supply them with topics and always read/edit the results. Protect your reputation!

3. Publication
Try to send a newsletter once a week or once every two weeks. Keep it regular, so that people will expect an email from your business on a specific day of the week.

Don’t use monthly newsletters because it is proven that they are not effective (at least for the small businesses. Large companies like Apple for instance can get away with it because of there name recognition. Their brand is well known.)

And please, don’t send to much newsletters (for instance one every day.) You don’t want people to think that you are a spammer!!

4. Length
People only have the ability to concentrate for a short time, so your newsletter article should not be to long. The ideal length is between 300 to 1ooo words. Try to use simple words and sentences. Your newsletters should be informative but also be fun to read!

5. Affiliate Product or Service
As said before, you can use affiliate links in your newsletter to make money online, but don’t overdue it. The best thing if you focus on one affiliate product or service for an entire month. After a month you pick another one.

Make sure you pick affiliate products that compliment your article and your niche. What works best if you write an article that gradually build up to the affiliate product and at the end you place the affiliate link.

6. Incentives
If you ever send a newsletter with track-able links before, you must have notice that not all people will open the newsletter. To ensure that at least most people will open your email you give them some free things occasionally. You could send them free eBooks, reports or a link to free downloadable software for instance. Try to make your readers happy and they will open your newsletters much sooner! People like free stuff (whatever it is.)

The six tips above should help you build a profitable newsletter campaign. Keep focusing on your niche and make money online with some affiliate links in your newsletter, but don’t use too much links!

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